A Beginning

To be honest, I have no idea how to start a blog. Tumblr is another story all together. (I honestly don’t really consider it a blog format, simply from my expirence on it. Maybe that’s biased… But if I were an employer and your portfolio ended with “.tumblr.com”, your work better be damn good.) Anyway, I’m hoping this will primarily be a spirituality blog. I attempted this on tumblr, but haven’t gotten much traction. I explained my beliefs here on tumblr, but that truly is just a foundation. I want to delve deeper. I want to understand myself, my gods and my craft on a deeper level than where I’m at now.

I’ve noticed that when I’ve come to a “level up” in my spirituality, I restart by Book of Shadows. Currently I have two. I’m hoping to keep this up and make a new one every five years. So, my next official BoS will be started in the summer of 2020. Seems forever away, but it truly isn’t. I’ll be graduated from college, possibly building a life with someone I love and trying to figure everything out. So, maybe I’ll think of this blog as something like… A place to collect my notes and thoughts and ideas so that when 2020 comes around, I’ll know what changes I may make to my BOS. I’ve already got a plethora of ideas seeing as I’m finally understanding my relationships with deities and my understanding of the afterlife is much more comprehensive.

I’m excited to see where I go from here.


One thought on “A Beginning

  1. From one eclectic to another, I enjoyed reading about your belief system on Tumblr. It seems to me that you’ve got a really good system going for yourself, and I just wanted to make sure somebody told you so.


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