College & Paganism

This is probably the most and least spiritual time in my life so far.

The upsides of being a pagan in college is I can truly make my space my own. I put up my altar, I’ve felt spirits around me almost constantly, I’ve connected with century old buildings (but I suppose that has more to do with the age of the school than anything) and I can honestly say I’ve done more rituals here than I ever did at home. I’ve even looked into a few pagan churches around. I haven’t attended any for the simple lack of transportation, but I’ve met with some fellow pagans as well. The issue is, as is the issue with most college students, managing time. 

It is completely possible to have a quick, just as satisfying ritual with absolutely no tools other than your patience and focus, but if you’re like me and the aesthetic gives an extreme boost to my energy, then you have to carve out a good thirty minutes that could be spent studying or playing video games or (my goodness) sleeping. It’s definitely a sacrifice, but at some point you have to realize that your religious or spiritual muscle needs just as much work as your brain or biceps. There are definitely ways to cut down the time, though, but there’s probably no way (in my expirence at least) to avoid having the will to put some good quiet time aside.

How to have a fulfilling ritual in a dorm room:

  1. Things you need: nothing. You can truly do all of this with your body and mind. That’s all. But if you truly need something, I’d say bring something representing the four elements, a “pantheon” for` your gods (like a special little box or hallow statue to house your gods, like the pantheon in Athens) and an offering of your choosing.  
  2. Let’s address this right off the bat, roommates. If they pose a problem, I very much recommend you hide all your materials that I listed above in a small drawer and stick them in a backpack when you want to do your ritual, then go somewhere secluded and outside to do your ritual. This can be an upside for this very reason. It makes you explore your campus and find somewhere in nature that you can connect with.
  3. That being said, you should never be made to feel uncomfortable in your own living arrangement. Talk to an RA or someone above you if you’re being harassed because of your religion. You may be able to change dorms. (I recommend a single room, if financially possible, it’s definitely helped.)
  4. To the actual act, clean your dorm before doing a ritual. Spiritually and especially physically. Not only does this give you incentive to clean your dorm and keep it organized, you can put your energy in order so that when you do your ritual, you aren’t all over the place. 
  5. I also very much recommend you write your own rituals. Not only does this make you drastically closer to your craft, but it give you the power to control how much time you intend to spend.
  6. After the ritual, take as much time as you can to quiet your mind and meditate. Meditation has become a lifesaver for me. It makes you calm your racing thoughts and let yourself go. This can last as long as you need it to.

Finally, just don’t worry yourself over this. If you’re truly severely concerned with the content and extravagance of your spells and rituals, pray on it. Ask your deities for assistance or if it’s okay that you skip out on the ritual tonight. If you’re a more secular witch, listen to yourself. No one knows you better than you know you. Understand your limits, and be as magical as you can.


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