Address Your Prejudice

TW; homophobia, racism, the usual conservative southern baptist confederate flag humping bullshit

tldr this started as a psa to not shit on Christians and turned into a rant abt the confederate flag i’m so not sorry #TakeItDown

Ever since I first dedicated myself to Wicca and the earth and witchcraft and all that flowery shit, I’ve been trying my damnest not to put people in a box. It’s hard, yeah, with my background (read my about to find out more, but here’s the gist of it) . I was kicked out of a church for not being straight, my parents tried to force me to go to church multiple times then punished me for not seeing eye to eye with their beliefs, my personal relationship with the YHWH or whatever you want to call the Christian god is nonexistent on a good day (spiteful and bitter on a bad)… Despite all this, I try not to talk down or avoid Christians really, because, yeah this is gonna sound lazy, but not everyone is a piece of shit. Just because most of the ones I’ve met have been, doesn’t mean they all are. Two of my closest friends are devout Catholic and one has even done witchcraft with me, so I have no reason to state that all Christians are bad. Because they aren’t.

The trick to getting rid of this shitty prejudice that pops into pagan’s heads when seeing a cross is to separate the person from the religion. Honestly, there are good people who happen to be Christian. Your religion truly doesn’t touch every single aspect of your life, especially personal relationships. Same with politics.

For instance, in my creative writing classes there’s this girl, the coolest, sweetest girl on the planet (she’s frickin pretty af too), who just happens to be an Evangelical Christian. See, the first time she said this, I shit you not, I literally cringed. It was just an instant reaction. Like an abused dog hearing a loud noise, I flinched.

But instantly after that knee-jerk reaction, I thought “Ok, we have violently different religious views, but that’s fine. She doesn’t seem to be forcing it on everyone in this room, she’s just cracking jokes about Panic at the Disco and asking to follow people on tumblr. She’s fine. I’m fine. Not everyone sucks, Cailyn, ffs.”

They always say, your first reaction is what society taught you to think, your second thought is what you’ve taught yourself.

There’s a whole other side to this though

Here’s the


I have 3 exceptions to this “benefit of the doubt rule” as in there are some things I will literally just not stand for. For instance

  • If you have a confederate flag in your yard, on your truck, tattooed on your ugly, racist body, I want nothing to do with your bitchass and you can eat twelve pimply dicks.
    • I. Hate. Racists. So. Much.
    • Racists and pedophiles deserve death, no bullshit, I hate them. Literally, those two groups of people deserve to rot in the most brutal interpretation of the Christian hell.
    • And if you come at me with that “It’s my heritage” bullshit you gon catch these motherfuckin hands, bet. Because your great granddaddy owning a cotton field and taking pride in treating human beings like work equipment aint no damn heritage, that’s shame. To take pride in the fact your family participated in slavery isn’t something to brag about wtf?

(Holy shit sorry, I got really off track there ANYWAY)

  • If you give me shit because of who I am (whether that be pro choice, pagan, queer, in an interracial relationship idk idc) or who other people are based on your belief, I’m not going to respect you. Like straight up, I’m just not. Like, if you believe something I disagree with like pro-life or anti-gay rights, I’m still not going to respect you, but I’m gonna be civil about that shit. I’ll avoid you. If your beliefs encourage the eradication or shit on the very existence of myself as a human being on this planet with you, we are not going to be friends. I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, but I won’t be the one to light the match either.
  • And lastly, do not, do not, try and force your beliefs on me. This was one reason I resented my family for a majority of my life. They blamed my depression on the lack of god in my life. Seriously. And then I’d get bibles for christmas, I’d get interrogated when trying to find ingredients for a spell, I was forced to go and listen to a rich man rant and shit on gay people, when my bisexual ass had to just sit there and doodle bad words on the programs. Yeah, that stopped after I turned 18 and went hard into my religion without the slightest fuck to give about what my parents thought, but it still fucked me up a little bit.

This post is more angry than I expected or intended, but oh well. It got more political than religious too, but ranting is what blogs are for right?


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