I’ve Never Cursed

And I don’t know why.

Now, just for some clarification, I’m not Wiccan. I do not follow the “harm none” rule verbatim. I follow the “do no harm, take no shit” rule because whatever version of westernized “karma” you believe in should never be used to justify you being treated like a doormat. I’m more on the side of tradcraft (this reminds me, I need to make a terms page) when it comes to the ethics of witchcraft. It’s a tool. A mysterious, complex, misunderstood tool.

That being said, I want to do a curse. I feel like that’s a part of my practice that I haven’t explored yet and I’m eager too. The issue is, I simply don’t feel that strongly about anyone that I should bring them a spiritual level of pain. Not in my personal circle, at least. Of course I hate the usual political trash disposals (Trump, Cruz, the entire Fox news network) but I don’t know, a part of me feels like cursing such a well known public figure won’t do… enough. I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it’s me doubting the potency of my energy or maybe that it would get diluted through all the millions and millions of other energies being directing towards such public people.

I certainly have many ideas for curses, I’ve had enough anger within that I could easily do one. But the most I’ve ever done is unintentional mantras that I inadvertently put a lot of energy into.

Maybe I should just practice on ignorant fascists…


2 thoughts on “I’ve Never Cursed

  1. Malefica is not that far removed from execration magic, save for one difference: the former is targeted against people while the latter is targeted against negative energies and/or spirits. Aside from that, though, they are much the same in theory. So perhaps instead of cursing another human being, you can try sharpening your skills in this department by cursing non-human things first. Here is a link on my blog that includes some info on how I do this:



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