Today is a day of renewal for me. As Persephone arises from her kingdom to come to the surface and bring the world to bloom, I’m trying to rise and bloom myself. The spells I have planned for today are ones of new beginnings, new beginnings to better myself. But balance is a focus as well. As I dust away the dirt and negativity of my life, I’m hoping to place bright colors and plant seeds of yellow flowers in.

It’s a hope. A big one, with all the shit that’s going on in my life, I’m hoping I can use this day as a boost to be able to move forward. I’ve been stuck in this perpetual cyclone of bullshit for a long while and I’m praying that this will be the push I need to pull me out of it. I cleaned my dorm room more thoroughly than I have in months, I cleansed, full body grounded and just sat in silence for a few hours. It was a rejuvenating time.

But with a clean slate comes a case of “blank page jitters” that have sent me for a loop. I can either decide to go back to the trash that’s put me through hell constantly for the past few years, foolishly praying (once again) that it’ll change for the better, or I can dive into the unknown, grasping for a hand to hold knowing the entire time that there’s the much more plausible possibility that I’ll have made the wrong choice.

There’s no way of knowing. But Persephone made the decision to work in harmony with Hades, I can make the decision to do something that’s not only good for me, but everyone and everything around me.



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