A Break

Spring break is coming up quickly for me and I’ll be going back to Texas for the next few days. I’ve decided to leave my basic spell supplies behind and instead spend the week strengthening my roots in ways that I don’t usually do. Even though I’m not supposed to have candles in my dorm, I do, as well as a wax melt (which is allowed) so my fire element is strong. Earth is the element that’s closest to my heart and I have jars of dirt almost everywhere in my dorm. Air and water have become disconnected from me. Feathers and incense were my closest connection to air and I’ve never learned how to swim or had a natural water source near me. My goal these next few days of freedom is to fix this disconnect and build a stronger relationship with these.

I’ll finally have incense back, and I’m going to utilize that like crazy. One will be lit at almost all times. The weather app says that it’s going to rain four of the five days I’ll be home, so I’m going to spend as much time as I can standing outside in the rain, letting it wash away the bullshit and negativity I’ve been harboring. I’m not going to stress, I’m not going to think about anything weighing me down, I’m going to use this time to detox. I might do some sigil practice too.

Sidetrack, I also desperately need to get a massage. Not just for luxury purposes, but my shoulder has been on a downhill slope as of late. Not only do I sleep weird, but no shit 100% of all the work I do usually requires me to sit in an uncomfortable chair, hunched over either a notebook or computer. My joints are starting to feel it.

Craft wise, I’m only bringing home the incense cones that I accidentally brought with me to college (that have been sitting in my dorm for the past few months), some herbs to keep my offerings up, my tarot cards and my lighters.  It’s going to be a light craft week in some aspects and a heavy one in others. I just need to decompress.

This week will be good for me.


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