The Morning Stars

Isiah 14:12 “How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations!”

Revelations 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about our favorite angel Lucifer lately and I cam across an article describing the possibility that Jesus and Lucifer could possibly be the same being. This idea instantly made me incredibly uneasy, but I suppose we should take the time to figure out why.

Lucifer to me is the rebel. The teacher and guide. The one that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He’s the light. The chosen angel that ascended beyond angelhood.

Now, looking at that paragraph, let’s tweak a few things.

“Jesus to me is the rebel. The teacher and guide. The one that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He’s the light. The chosen son that ascended beyond humanity.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Now what does this somewhat shocking realization mean to a Luciferian pagan like me, or as a matter of fact, blissfully unknowing devout Christians?

Well, nothing much. In a “literal” sense, Jesus and Lucifer are still separate beings who represent separate, almost opposite things. Lucifer is the light in the darkness, Jesus is the darkness in the light. Freewill within sin vs conformity within salvation. They’re similar in the most opposite of ways. This was scary to me at first, but it’s simply yet another lesson to be learned by this infamous fairytale called the bible.

There is no true evil. There is no true good. Jesus and Lucifer complement one another as a rose compliments a thorn. The thing that differentiates Luciferians from Christians is who is the rose and who is the thorn.

Note: Just to clarify, I’m still on Lucifer’s side and will be till the end of times, this was just an interesting observation. I just felt the need to state this since my tagging has caused some unexpected Christian attention and just giving context. I’m not a Christian. Never will be. The Luciferian aspect of my religion remains strong. That’s luckily not changing despite hard lessons I’m learning. I suppose that’s the glory of his teachings. They’re hard, but they’re rewarding.

I’m about to go on a tangent about how marvelous Lucifer is, so I’ll stop here.


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