Beltane Curse

I have no real solid ideas for this upcoming holiday except that I came into some pretty foul tasting red wine and thought “Hell, why not?”

I’ve been going through some pretty rough shit with almost everyone in my life right now. The issue is, during arguments, I don’t retaliate. I’m a doormat. I don’t know why or how to stop this, but I do know that there’s months up pent up, tar like, black, oozing, needle filled, violent energy within me that needs to get out. What better way to expend it than to do a curse?

I’ve avoided this aspect of my craft, as I’ve stated before, but I think now I finally have the strength and power (for lack of a better word) to do it. I’ll definitely be documenting the outcome more than I do with my usual, more positive spells, especially since this is a spell going out instead of inward for myself.

This spell is a rework of this one. My target is far away and it’s impossible for me to get a talisman to them, so I reworked it so that it’s more of a “voodoo doll” for lack of a better term.


  • A small jar
  • Red wine
  • dirt, water, matches, tiger eye and citrine
  • A piece of your target
  • Your own blood (Or saliva)
  • A razor blade
  • Black candle

Turn on some loud, angry, violent music (Or music that reminds you of your target, possibly.) and place the razor blade, blood,wine and target representation into the jar. As you say each of the elements in the incantation, add them to the jar as well.


I call upon the devastation of the elements. May [target’s full name]’s happiness be turned to ash. May their peace be drowned in the waters of sorrow. May their pleasure be swept away before they can experience any of it. May their roots rot, rot, rot. May they feel the same pain they have caused.

As you finish, place the black candle on the jar and let it burn completely.Once it’s done, shake the jar violently. Make noise. Let out all the negative and horrible energy you’ve been harboring for their benefit and put it into the spell. It is activated. When you feel the anger returning, just shake the jar. This will charge it as well.

For me personally, I’m also carving a banishment sigil into the top of jar which I painted red. (Better to have a red top to seal it all off than a “ranch dip” one, haha)

I’ll maybe post updates on this on this blog. I’ll definitely be writing down the reactions. Maybe I’ll never do a curse again after this, who knows, but I see this more as a way to expel energy than to pointedly hurt someone. I just happen to be hurting the person causing me all this pain in the process.


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