Imbolc 2017

Blessed Imbolc, friends. Although I haven’t been able to actually celebrate it yet (it’s a sunshine holiday with no sunshine, so I’ll just be doing my ritual tonight), because I haven’t been in my dorm at all today, I’ve still got the holiday in my mind. Now, I don’t know much about Brigid, and I don’t personally worship her, but since the holiday was made in her name it would only make sense for me to do some reading up in my spare time. She’s beautiful, I must admit. A goddess of poetry and storytelling, protector of cows and rivers. She’s the life that flows through all things, which explains her survival through the centuries. She was so beautiful and important Christianity tried to kidnap her. She is resilient and powerful. I have infinite respect for her.

Personally, I associate (almost all, but especially) this holiday along with Beltane strongly with Persephone. During this time, she is returning to this world to bring color and warmth to it once again. Hades is kissing his wife on the temples, packing her suitcase and telling her to say hello to Demeter for him. This is a time of excitement for me, because my goddess will be back. It’s a lovely feeling.

For my ritual tonight I’m going to do a lot of cleaning of my ritual space, dust off the cat hair and spilled cinnamon, meditate, make a few wishes and then paint something in honor of Persephone, an offering to welcome her back to us.

Later I’ll add in images of my ritual and painting, but until then, happy almost-spring!


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