A Ramble

I have nothing specefic to talk about today, I just feel like writing. I’m guessing this is a normal feeling. I have nothing to truly say. Well, that’s not true, I always have something to say, but the issue is will anyone care? There’s an issue within all art, I think, that people believe there’s no point in making art unless someone is going to look at it. I don’t believe that. For instance, I paint. All the time. It’s not good, I’m not an expert at shading or proportions or blending. I just enjoy art. On a technical level, it’s horrible, but I love what I do. I have no intention of showing anyone because I know they will think it’s hideous. There’s nothing focused, black women’s faces and bodies surrounded by glitter and poetry, gnarled trees being struck by lightning, lots of collages of torn up patient confidentiality contracts. 

But, since this is indeed a religion blog, I’ll focus my ramblings on my religion. There’s a lot that’s been going through my head. As most pagans that aren’t devoted full time high priestesses, I feel like I don’t put enough time into my craft. I’ve only done one spell this year and it’s the middle of February. I feel the need to journal my thoughts on things more, but I truly don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t have many questions. I have a very solid comprehension of my beliefs, but I don’t doubt it would help me to keep writing it down.

Why not plop it down here, just because I don’t have anything else to do at the moment.

Who I worship:

  • Goddess and God / sometimes referred to as Mawu Lisa
  • The sun and moon and all the planets
  • All the theoi, but especially Persephone, Hecate and Demeter
  • Lucifer, although I more follow his ideology as a teacher


  • The zodiac
  • Spirit realm, Summer land and then reincarnation after death
  • Witchcraft and the manipulation of energy
  • Environmental protection
  • Intertwining political activism into my religion / 
  • Do no harm, but take no shit
  • We are all pieces of energy, of the universe, and we can connect to all things that the universe created. We can communicate with trees. We can recharge in a storm. 


  • Energy comes from all things, but especially things that come from the earth. Different things put off different energies and to get a specefic intention through in a spell, use those specefic items (such as crystals or herbs) in a spell
  • Cursing is necessary in certain situations. Energy that isn’t expelled inside a person can become poison. Cursing can be used to get this anger out.

It’s so hard to put this into words. I just know it when I do it. My perception of life is different than it would be if I weren’t Wiccan. I notice things differently. I worry about different things. When I drive over the bridge that’s above the Missouri River, I don’t look over and see water, I see a moving, flowing, breathing thing. When people point out parts of where the river used to be before man channeled it into this small thing that’s being polluted and desecrated, I feel disappointment. Why did we do this? Why couldn’t we work with her instead of cage and shrink her? The Missouri River used to be massive, and we’ve dwindled it into this manageable thing, like a “domesticated” wolf. The river doesn’t belong to us. We belong to it.

This post is all over the place, but it’s something. I need to write more. Organize more. Pray more.

I need to do more.


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