A Prayer

I send you, protectors of water and champions of peace on the front lines, behind the scenes, being detained and terrorized, signing petitions and attending meetings, I send you strength.

I send you the strength of myself, the strength given to my by my ancestors and spirits. I send you the strength of every ocean before man attempted to tame it. I send you the power and authority of Poseidon, the peace and forwardness of Aphrodite, and the flowing love of every water spirit.

I send you, Missouri River, daughter of a force unnamed by society, all my gratitude. You have faced the adversity of generations, and still you ebb and flow, swallow the dangers imposed on you and continue to flourish. Yes, I remember the days when we could not see the other side of your banks. Yes, I remember when you were pure enough to bathe in, clear enough to see the bottom and quick enough to wash away even the deepest of pains. I remember you at your prime and I promise, my love, I promise, that I will fight for you in any way I can.

And finally, I send you, oppressors, capitalists, anti-intellectuals, anti-climate change believers and ultimately trump, knowledge. It is taking my all my will to not send you my anger, frustration and violence. I won’t, though, because you are young. I send you enlightenment. I send you a reminder, that we only get one earth, and religion specification aside, this planet is a miracle and a gift. Why take a gift and do this to it? Why not take care of it, love it and be grateful for what a wonderful thing you have been given. I send you these things with no ill will, simply hope.


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