Witches Against Trump

I felt that I had to document my response to this, so here we go.

I’ve seen multiple articles saying that a mass curses/hexes in general don’t work, that they do nothing but waste energy, but especially in a time like this where the political climate is moving steadfast in the wrong direction. (Fuck that “there is no wrong opinion” nonsense, if your opinion is rooted in the hatred or oppression of other people, it is not correct.) And witches and non witches alike claim that the mass hex is a waste, that instead people should be out contacting reps and marching on the front lines.

My issue here is, why can’t we do both?

I’ve been going to protests in my town non stop for the past three months, I’m planning to go up to North Dakota to an anti-DAPl demonstration, I’ve been to prayer circles, marches, had endless arguments and discussions with people from every side of the political coin, but at the root, I’m a witch as well as an activist.

I just finished a binding spell. My intention is to bind Trump from doing any more harm and replacing the hate he feels for marginalized people with genuine love and understanding. Will the spell do anything? Will any of our spells do anything? I have no idea. But my craft is a part of every aspect of my life, including my activism.

I consider my busy schedule of balancing finding time and skipping class to attend protests and town hall meetings and forums as a privilege. I am able bodied enough to attend these things. I know my family is privileged enough to help me if I’m ever arrested during a protest. I don’t have a full time job commitment to the point I can’t attend protests unless I want to eat that month. For people without this privilege of time and physical health, a spell, a shared article, an email to a senator that will be shoved in the slush pile of hundreds of thousands of emails and ignored, is all they can do. But it is something. To belittle someone’s activism because it isn’t as loud and proud as yours, is elitist and just all around fucked up.

So if you are a witch, before you criticize the mass trump hex, ask yourself what are you doing to help? What privileges to do you have that other witches don’t?

Another worry that I have about this entire thing is how outrageously big it’s gotten. Normal, non pagan, unknowing news sources have written (ignorant) pieces about what witchcraft is, which has brought tons of negative, dubious energies. This happens every single time the rest of the world is reminded that witchcraft is a practice. It’s irritating. A part of me is excited and hopeful, that maybe if people know that witchcraft and paganism is normal then more people will normalize and respect it, but the other half of me is devastated. This is just more eyes of scrutiny on us. Sometimes I just wish witchcraft was a secret, like in the old days.

Anyway, do I have high hopes for the mass trump hex? Of course. Realistically? As with any other demonstration or form of activism, it is out of my hands. I will do my part, speak my piece, do my work. What comes next is up to those in power.


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